Capacity & Capability Increase

Posted: 14.07.14 in Latest News category

Investment in additional manufacturing hardware and software, including One CNC XR6 CAD/CAM.

Clifton Engineering has recently made further additions to their extensive plant & equipment list:

1) Additional conventional milling capacity has been added with investment in a Mach VS-1 Turret Milling Machine. The machine is fitted with a DRO & Power Draw bar facility.

2) Upgrade to One CNC XR3 software to One CNC XR6 software package. We have invested in 3 additional seats, giving 4 seats in total. This covers 2 x 3D Milling, 1 x 3D Wire Erosion, 1 x Turning.

3) Additional inspection capability with a Mitutoyo Profile Projector Type PJ300.

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